Colorado Whiskey

Stranahans Colorado Whiskey Good Single Malt Whiskey bottleColorado whiskey

Located in Denver, Stranahan’s has been crafting whiskey for over 10 years. Stranahan’s is a good whiskey made from a single malt sourced from the United States. This is a great whiskey to drink for any occasion, whether you are watching the game or hanging out on the patio.

Once you drink some of Stranahan’s whiskey you will understand why it is now a part of Colorado’s culture. There have been many distilleries that have started up in Colorado recently and Stranahan’s still remains one of the best Whiskey’s in Colorado and the United States.

When looking for a whiskey bottle in Colorado, there are many choices to get a good whiskey and Stranahan’s stands with the best of them. Stranahan’s Colorado small batch whiskey is made from 100% American barley and water. Is Stranahan’s the best whiskey in the Colorado or the West? You will need to be the judge as there are plenty more local offerings in recent years.

If all you drink is bourbon whiskey try something different and drink some single malt. Not only can you taste some good single malt whiskey but you can also schedule a distillery tour and stay after to drink a nice classic whiskey cocktail. Stranahan’s also offers opportunities to volunteer and work with the bottling team and learn even more about the whiskey distilling process.

Stranahan’s whiskey is located just South of downtown Denver so it is a great place to start your night  with plenty of entertainment near by. Conventionally located near RTD light rail and bus stations, you are never too far away.

Learn more about this whiskey bottle at your local liquor store and pick up a whiskey bottle today.