Single Malt Whiskey

Stranahans Colorado Whiskey Good Single Malt Whiskey bottleStranahan’s currently offers five different options in their single malt whiskey lineup. You wont see a bourbon whiskey here. The original Stranhans, Diamond Peak, Sherry Cask, Snowflake and the Single Barrel.


The first single malt whiskey is the original Stranahan’s which sets a high standard for their most basic whiskey. This single malt whiskey is noted as having a vanilla, maple syrup nose with a hint of leather. This is a warm single malt whiskey with vanilla and caramel finish which is similar to the nose. This single malt whiskey is aged in charred white oak barrels for 2-5 years and then cut to 94 proof before sent to the liquor stores.

Diamond Peak

The next in of the Stranahan’s whiskey line up is Diamond Peak, a small batch whiskey is aged for 4 years and hand picked by the master distiller. Sent to the consumer at 94 proof, another good sipping whiskey bottle.

Sherry Cask

Another good single malt whiskey in their list of options is the sherry cask Stranahan’s whiskey. After aging for four years the already good whiskey is transferred to sherry barrels sourced from Spain to give it a sweeter finish.


It may be no surprise but this limited release whiskey bottle released every December and is very hard to get. Not many get the opportunity for this as you will need to go to the distillery itself on a specific in order to to have a chance at purchasing the whiskey bottle.

Single Barrel

Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey offers a private reserve option in very small quanities as they only released 3 barrels worth of whiskey in 2018. This rare whiskey bottle only goes to a select group of dealers and your chances are low to see this on any shelf.

You can find some of these at your local liquor store.